Do you consider your self an offer up expert?

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This does sound like a frustrating situation, Mary. I am seeing some red flags, however, that would've definitely given me the "heads-up."
Knowing from your post you are not new to OfferUp, and so, are well aware of the suggested guidelines?
Again... this is just one of life's harsh realities... In hindesight, "listen to your gut" Take care! Smiley Happy
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I'm an expert. Selling and buying. I love all the people I meet on offerup. If I get an offer for my items, I usually except it and dont ever get low balled and even if someone offers me a low offer I except it. It's good business and some people love that I'm here to make money but I'm not here to only take top dollar. People forget the buy sell trade world is not about getting what you paid for your item. It's about selling at fair market value and making things affordable especially since its considered used right when it leaves the store. Also trading is a great thing to do to get more people to buy from you and follow you. If you see something and you know you have items that could be equal up to the value of the item you want then ask the seller if they trade! You'd be surprised how many people do! I love trading. One of my favorite things to do on offerup! Trade a red Ryder wagon for a kids bike or even a blue tooth speaker. I love offerup. Just experiment with different selling tactics. You'll become a pro in no time!
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While I consider myself an expert in online sales, I don't consider myself an OU expert. There's still things I need to learn like shipping, and a lot  of the techno problems that I here about in the forums. But I'm working on learning all of that so that one day I will be able to say I am an OU expert.

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Just remember everyone likes different things, so just remember that it may not be your pics or the way you use words, If it’s Christmas time people look for those kinds of things and then what do they look for in summer time, so what are they looking for and what time of year are they doing it, Don’t give up, It only gets better from here
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Yes I’m an offer up expert
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Welcome to the OU Community!
Love the confidence--Glad you are with us! Hopefully, you will share some of your OfferUp Expertise with the Community... GLTU
Ciao´ for now!
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I love love offer up its a hobby and it also gives me little extra cash ...I’m a stay at home mom it keeps me busy like a part time job ...I love making my page look good !!! I always take pictures with a background like fur rug to try to make my items look nice and I always take my pictures in good lighting ... I have 5 stars and 330 ratings and I’m so proud !!!! Lol I always show off to my family ... i consider my self a expert ...some tips are take nice pictures maybe outdoors with natural lighting and a nice background and if your items sit for a while without anyone interested take pictures again in a different angle and repost it that has worked for me ! Also if you want a quick sell bundle stuff up and give a discount... to keep my offer up organized I take my pictures with iPhone camera on the square setting so when I post all my pictures are the same size and my page looks clean ...I love offer up it has kept my mind occupied and I feel good every time I make a sale !!!
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Your passion for success on OfferUp is so upbeat and energizing...
makes me want to find something to post lol.
Sounds like a very organized system SAHM--Continued success to you OU neighbor. Ciao´ for now...