Does anyone live in San Bernardino county? Would you come to an OU related event?

Level 4
Awesome @Unity-is-Power !
Way to be pro-active...
Be sure to keep the community updated with your progress!
So doing this too!!
Level 6
Congratulations "GIR"...that's Texas slang (lol)! How would you suggest OU have a communityty event? It sounds fun. Heck, I can't get llots of things to work, like following, finding other members & so on. Regardless if you can find me please follow & I'll do same. Way to go on your community event suggestion. Keep on touch if you can
Hey! @L11 - Love your vibe! I'm gonna follow you! I'm trying to get something going out here in the IE. I've got I follower and am looking for a couple more and it's on... Soon as this rain give though .. it's super cold out here in Sunny California.