Does anyone live in San Bernardino county? Would you come to an OU related event?

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Way to be pro-active!
Be sure to keep the community updated with your progress!
So doing this too!!
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Congratulations "GIR"...that's Texas slang (lol)! How would you suggest OU have a communityty event? It sounds fun. Heck, I can't get llots of things to work, like following, finding other members & so on. Regardless if you can find me please follow & I'll do same. Way to go on your community event suggestion. Keep on touch if you can
Hey! @L11 - Love your vibe! I'm gonna follow you! I'm trying to get something going out here in the IE. I've got I follower and am looking for a couple more and it's on... Soon as this rain give though .. it's super cold out here in Sunny California.
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@Unity-is-Power we're doing business in Azusa, but we're from Crestline. Were a little old and decrepit but are on board for anything we can do, just say the word. By the way if you find community projects that can use my 43 yrs. of construction experience feel free to use me! I would be glad to help, and besides we could use a little good Karma on our side!