Does anyone live in San Bernardino county? Would you come to an OU related event?

I've been here for a year. We moved from LA, I have some family here and a couple of friends but I already know them. . My fiance and I plus my two boys don't have many friends yet but we're looking to make some new ones. I mentioned having OU community related events like bike rides in another post.. And the more I think about it the more I want to do it. I was thinking things like going on a group clean as youhike , volunteering at animal shelters, community park clean up, feed the homeless day. Would anyone be interested in attending and co-organizing? Clearly everyone would have to cover there own expenses or perhaps we can secure some donations for some of these udeas . If it does work out wouldnt it be awesome if OU gave us tshirts with the logo so we could also do some marketing. I'm not sure quite yet.. just putting it out there.
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Soo... love your suggestions for OfferUp Community events
@Unity-is-Power !!
All about giving back to the Communities!
Wish we could collaborate together... however, am located on the East Coast... ☀FL😊
Hey there Rememberance... You are a bit far from Sunny California☀... Why don't you try something similar in Sunny Florida☀. I haven't had anyone respond , yet but I'm patient!
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In the works as we speak Unity-is-Power!
Will keep you posted... via the "Sunshine Connection" 😆

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@Unity-is-Power If you get something going, I'd TOTALLY want to join!!!!! 

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Great idea! @Unity-is-Power hope it takes off! Thanks for sharing.
🙌Awesomeness! Can't wait to see your success!🙌
🙌Yes!🙌 I'm ok with a small group to start.
I'm trying! 🙏
Hola @Hotrod -just wanted to let you know, I have my first member responding to my call out for people interested in having an Offer up community event!!! 🙌