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Why r ppl allowed all of a sudden 2 sell dogs n cats on here 4 ridiculous prices. It's always a re-homoing fee a animal is a life long commitment n ppl r breeding these animals 4 profit there r sp many animals in Broward county flat shelters 99% pure Reed especially pit bulls n American bullies as 4 me a animal lover I refuse 2 pay 4 a animal 4 ur profit vet Bill's, shots food etc it all comes down 2 put money in these ppls profit. If any1 is looking 2 adopt from 2morrow may 24- may 26 th broward animal control has a memorial day adoption event every animal adoption fee is waived, they come wit everything this pet supplies listing is becoming craigslist...jus a fyi...thks....
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Welcome to the Community Forums @Bmichele71. Animals are prohibited for sale on OfferUp. I have 1 listing which popped up this evening in my area. It will soon be removed as it's been reported.

If you see ads for animals in your area you should report them to OfferUp.
I hope the info you posted for Broward Animal Control adoption event finds interested people or even passed along.

Thanks for sharing that important info. Take time to check out other topics and continue to contribute.
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If you see any pet posts, @Bmichele71, definitely report them so we can get them removed as they are on our Prohibited Items list Smiley Happy

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Why are all of you attacking people placing pets? I shelter cats (because their are so many irresponsible humans) and have to pay to get them tested and shots and spay/neutered to get them into the adoption pipeline. Even when the shots are done they are often full. I have to feed and care for them and it is difficult for me. So I was looking to advertise them here in hopes to find them a good home. It is not about making money, it is about finding them homes hopefully with people who will care for them. I am very disappointed to see all these people who love animals so much attacking people and sssuming they are up to no good. How many cats have you sheltered and found homes for in the last year?
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@Cyrus1st they arent attacking those people. Offerup simply doesn't allow animals to be listed. You cant control what others will do after they get the animals. At least with shelters and the like, people can be vetted a bit more securely.