Excited to be apart of the OfferUp Community!!

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We're so glad you are here as well @Bs2! Where are you located? 

Level 10! You're a 10!
Hi @Luvasmx welcome,
I’m in AZ 👍
Federal Way, Washington Sate

@tinker_techguy Oh nice, close to Seattle Smiley Happy What do you usually buy or sell on OfferUp? I'm seeing lots and lots of winter items coming out! 

Welcome to all new members! Wishing everyone a profitable New Year!

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Hi! I'm new here. Looking forward to getting to know others, finding and making deals.
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Hi and Welcome,
Transplant from Queen City, NC
by way of Maryland 😎
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Welcome to the community. I am from Texas. Hope you're going like this place.

Hi @SusanTX! I love Texas. Where in Texas are you from?