Excited to be apart of the OfferUp Community!!

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Welcome to the land of lowballers and no shows....
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I am New as well. Hello from St.louis Missouri.
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You are
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Welcome to Community Forum @MooseAhmed what part of town are you from?
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Hello St. Luis Missouri Welcome to OfferUp and Community Forum @ARayADay. Have you have luck selling your stuffs on OfferUp?
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Welcome to Community Forum @Jasmin14. Have you try read on some good tips in Pro Forum where you can get helps to selling your stuffs?
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Hi @cotamisol2323, Welcome to Our Community Forum. Are you a seller or buyer? Feel free to explore this Community Forum leaves comments, give kudos, and earn some badges. They had huge amount info about tips how to get start selling stuff on OfferUp. You can direct post a question be sure to using @ in front of their @Username for quick response back. Good luck and have blast selling on OfferUp app.
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I just wanted to say thank you again for the love and warm welcoming. I sincerely hope that yall know what just a little positivity can do. It has really helped. Sending you all positive vibes and once again thank you..
Hi I'm from Orlando Florida and I'm new to this as well.