Fake Offers

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When someone makes a fake offer do the same thing to that person go into his account and start making fake offers too... lol it's funny when they reply back to you thinking is a legit offer. Hahaha...
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So do the same thing you're mad about. Way to be a hypocrite ha ha ha ha ha
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Way to **bleep** them back i would say.
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people like you is whats slowly turning offerup toxic.


1) how exactly do you know its a "fake offer"? you have no idea what the person on the other end is doing. people are busy. they have lives. but because you're upset you automatically make yourself more upset by thinking "offer must be fake"


2) how exactly are they **bleep** you? did you lose anything? did it cost you money? did they do anything other than send you a message through an app which you never even left your couch? you're just being overly dramatic.


think about those 2 points. its not that serious. it happens. its part of the game. by being toxic youre worse than the people sending "fake offers"

When I make an offer I keep my offer 99% of time that 1% I tell them I change my mind and I’m sorry for wasting your time that’s what you should do it

Stop wasting peoples time. This is turning out be like craigslist. I hope doesn’t happen here but it’s starting to become like it
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haha, this may be satisfying to do in the moment, but this isn't recommended Smiley Happy it's best to just ignore the lowball offers and move on to the next interested buyer/seller.

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Fk them . Some people have been here subscribed for 1 or 2 years without making a purchase or having anything for sale just wasting people time.
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There are many threads related to this topic as you've seen. What are you referring to when you say "fake offer"?
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@verticalgil unfortunately i can not welcome you to the forum,,,,,,,,,i actualy think that your account should be investigated by offerup just from what youve said here and if you actualy do what you are suggesting ,,,i think your account should be closed and offerup should do what they can to keep you from using the app,,,,,,,,,offerup does not need that kind of crap going on,,,,,,,people that act like you are suggesting are  part of the problem with offerup , craigs list and every other online sales site. As far as "fake offers",,,,,,,that can only be known by an investigation of the persons history that you are accusing to see if its something they are doing all the time,,,,,a  buyer has the right to change their mind and most people do change their mind at some point,,,,,,even in the grocery store and walmart,,,,,put stuff in their cart and then change thier mind and set it aside,,,,,,,most people do that at some time for one reason or another .,,,,,,,,and how long a person has been subscribed to offer up,,,,,so what,,,,,,,,i know quite a few people that have been subscribed to offerup for a couple years,,,,,have purchased many things and yet their account shows no activity ,because they get their son to do all the transactions for them,,,,,,,,i my self was Not subscribed to offerup untill just several weeks ago,,,,,,,,but i have been buying stuff through friends for almost two years, How long someone is subscribed means Nothing.

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Exactly....gotta take the good with the bad but most of all take stock of all the fakery and use it as a guide to spot them instantly....for instance if you are selling a mini fridge and they ask for the dimensions...yeah right...you got the pic and it is a mini fridge...but i guess its just a element of biz...and some people are really nutz...lol