Favorite Shipped Item?

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Hey Everyone!!


Have you purchased anything through OfferUp Shipping? If so - I'd love to hear what your favorite item was! For me, it was actually an item I purchased from @BrightMoonstone! I got a really beautiful pendant, and she threw in an extra item! It was unexpected and incredibly thoughtful, and even included a little personalized Thank You note.


What has been your favorite purchase?

@Mj_206 Aww thanks! 💞 I've been busy shipping out but haven't used the shipping feature to buy, I need to work that!
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For me, it was a very large SugarBoo Designs painting with a Hendrix quote that I had been looking for forever! Probably will be my favorite purchase for a long while because the seller gave me about $250 off what I would have paid retail. It hangs next to.my side of the bed and makes me smile Smiley Happy
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@Mj_206--Hello!! The best item I've shipped was household items from an interested buyer. It wasn't the items persay but it was the opportunity to help someone else. Thank you for your time!!
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Have many perfumes you may like.... take a look. I also ship to your destination!