Firewood in NY Hudson Valley Area

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 So anyone in the NY Lower Hudson Valley area (Westchester, Putnam, Rockland) and even Connetticut, I'd imagine may have noticed a spike in firewood prices early this past fall and winter season. And I'm talking before we had several cold snaps, followed by 50-60's, only to be followed by torrential snow storms. I myself saw no shortage of available firewood or trees from last season.


Maybe everyone didn't see I big difference but I noticed prices seemed to be up as much as 40% higher. Anyone have any ideas about this?


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Well, @0317  I also noticed the prices elswhere in our area too, like Craigslist, other apps and local Penny Saver. I've asked a few of my neighbors and even a few tree guys (small operation) about it. Nobody so far has an answer but definetly noticed a big spike across the board.


Long story short, I didn't grow up using firewood. Been 6 years now. After year 2, I realized the many ways to get my own and I never looked back. It's a lot of work but well worth it to me. 

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 And as they say, splitting your own wood warms you twice! Man Tongue