First troll I ran into on this app

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I’ve been a member on this app for a couple of years and I finally ran into someone who really got under my skin. I run a thrift store and someone hit me up about buying one of my bikes and I replied sure but I’m busy today can we meet up tomorrow because they wanted it delivered. So the next day I told them I’m on my way to the address they gave me I arrive and no one is there I go around to like 4 houses coincidently with the same address on them then I leave. I get back and message the person (I didn’t have service in the area) hey u weren’t there what happened and they go off saying I didn’t message them first and I cared more about the meetup than the sale itself and why would I give u the address to where I live. I’ve never had anyone say that to me and it really just got to me I didn’t know how to handle it so I left it alone and didn’t answer back. I did nothing wrong I don’t understand. Thanks
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Sadly there is a lot of people that play games on here. I just block them and move on.