Flakes !

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The people that run OfferUp need to do something about all the flakes that are on here. If someone commits to buying and flakes, then they should be KICKED OFF !
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I both agree and disagree with this.

It's been debated in the past, by me mainly.

For this to work — OfferUp would have to verify the validity of such claims, go in and check time codes and paragraphs of the back and forth between users.

My concern is they may not be able currently or willing to set aside resources to do this.

Not to mention, opinions vary — the term flake can even be thrown around when someone wants to reschedule because of a genuine emergency and the other party doesn't want to hear any of it.

What they should do is allow trusted sellers to comment review another user about this problem so others are aware to be more cautious.
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Its a fairly simple solution, appoint administrators for sections or cities . And use a open forum when there are cases that are not easy decisions. I am in a sneaker group on Facebook and we use this format and it works fine . Offfer up needs to consider my money lost when I set aside the time and my item , but then only to have the potential buyer flake whenever they like . Bottom line, there needs to be some protection for both the seller and buyer . Right now , anything goes ...
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"Its a fairly simple solution, appoint administrators for sections or cities."

I don't know how funds are being allocated within the company or how many people are on staff who would be able to do this, but what we do know is that that the shipping feature seems to be a priority nowadays.

I'm not too familiar with the sneaker scene, but I hear that they can get quite expensive.

Losing out on a nice profit from a seemingly committed buyer can be irritating.

That's what I inferred from your post.

My suggestion, at least in your case.

Make yourself TruYou if you're not already to give some people peace of mind.

Then in all future transactions, ask for a small non refundable deposit when they inquire about the item as "very interested buyers" to prove that they are willing to follow through.

Option 2 — use the shipping feature if you can wait a couple days to be paid.

For regular everyday items, I guess we'll just have to wait and see if they implement your suggestion.
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Flakes are so frustrating to me. More now than ever because of the popularity of the app. There needs to be a way OfferUp can suspend their activity. "Probation" if they've been reported 2 or three times. My wife uses an auction app, if you bid on something, win the bid and refuse the item, you get suspended from making bids. Either for a few hours or a few days or suspended indefinitely. OfferUp needs to start doing something similar. It's really getting out of hand
@J23Medina it happens but believe me Offerup is way better than the other sites like this! I have more people commit on here than I do a number of other sites.
You can always report them as a no show and then block them. That's what I do. It happens on every site like this and you have to remember that the basic service if your not paying the fees for shipping or bumping posts is free, They can hire employees to do this but they also have to pay them and I don't see OU bringing in enough money to pay for these employees
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Very true! I've started blocking people lately I thoroughly enjoy meeting the ones that do show up. Thanks for your reply. Have a nice night
@Mark2018 I know the feeling they drive me insane! Sometimes I wonder if they do this as kind of game they're playing with us. I just don't understand it..
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@J23Medina-I totally agree with you!! In the very beginning that's what we spoke a lot of the people who flake/don't show up, & it's very frustrating, especially when you're the seller & your waiting around, or they agree to meet, you set all the plans up, & then nothing. I totally understand something should be done, but what would be the ultimate outcome/solution. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!