Flakes !

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Agreed 100%. Flakes should be reported and OU should suspend their accounts when they are reported too many times.

this happened to me twice this weekend
How about we make a list of FLAKE numbers?

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This can be viewed as harassment is the issue and you, the instigator.

Block and move on.

Find ways to avoid flakes in the future.

Also, this may just be a throwaway voIP number.

Everything can be done via the message relay.

Don't know why you exchanged numbers.

I figured as much.  I deleted the pertinent information.  Thanks for the tip.

I totally agree 100%...offerup needs to do something about this problem..its happened four times this week to me..I am almost ready to uninstall offerup..
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I don’t know how you do your business, if it’s cash in hand or through the app. What I can suggest is having them send an installment if not the full payment on the paypal app!
It’s really easy to use when sending a money request.
Just set up a PayPal.me/ (your personal link) and send the request!
If they send the money, you’re in business!
Just a fair warning its up to you what you choose to do but a few people have had claims denied with PayPal because Paypal and Offerup are not affiliated.
I had to look up the TOS on Paypal because I used the payment instalments on facebook marketplace and that is fine because there is not a claimed payment processing company for marketplace.
Just a fair warning..
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@Baybejos--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! The other members are referring to the Terms of Service (TOS) on PayPal. Thank you for your question.