Fraud Detection Algorithm Refinement Check Fraud

How many of these check fraud attempts would be stopped by a few flags.
New user.
Messages multiple sellers.
"Talk to me here" etc..
I have no wish to expose Offerup safety features.
Merely suggest.
I know that the long con types will always be around in some form or another.
Having everyone verify to be able to use Offerup is not the answer either.
I already have that on my ebay account.
Lets raise the cost of their scam little further thus increasing their time and skill investment requirements.
Did I miss something? Feel free to criticize or correct.
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You sound very tech savvy!
Know OU is always interested in feedback from its users, no judgement here...
Appreciate 👍😉
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Yes I have big and getting a lot of those what they’ll do is they won’t want to purchase it through OfferUp they want to send you a cashiers check or some kind a check and then some sad story or something because I happen to Meme she said her daughter was sick and she really wanted this purse I had but it just seemed kind of fishy so when they sent me the check they kept asking me if I deposited it yet and I wouldn’t answer them for a little bitBut then would tell them you know they’re still on hold and then they would ask me to just take out $100 then for the meantime or whatever amount and go get two gift cards phone gift cards or something so that was a huge red flag and then when I stopped answering him they had the audacity to actually be like are you trying to steal her money is that what type of person you are and when I emailed them back I said the check didn’t go through didn’t you get a notice and they didn’t even respond