What do i need to do so i can get my money back from a guy selling and sold me counterfeit coins? I can see maybe one being fake but 3 of them, noway. This site hasn't helped at all with anything. Do i take matters in my own hands,does offer up actually step up or do i contact authorities?
I think I've been had to, the gentleman was offering a coin is based out of Antelope Valley California. The offer was for a coin, didn't say copy on it or anything other than real. Text him on offer up message, told him I was interesting coin would take pay $25 for it , as he was only asking $10 for it, ask them how to go about finishing the the process he gave me a PayPal account number face clay phone number sent the money the next day, then waited almost a week. Then he got back to me saying what coin, and oh there was a problem with my funds sent, there was no shipping address. This is just a day ago. And he said does coin have been sold, the other problem is all the other coins or whatever he's selling are fake we're copies. Lesson learned don't trust people with two good of offers. Just hope this helps somebody out there.
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A seller an I were finally b/c of the holidays able to meet. Her post ran 11mo, $ dropped $100. I paid CASH asked for a receipt, pickup was scheduled. The post was "Pub Table w/ (4) matching Stools $350.00 or OBO. I didn't dicker b/c d/t my handicap it was a EXACTLY what I needed. During the met, she said she was only going to sell the Table alone! She then offered the Table w/2 Stools @ ~$300. I agreed $ and receipt were signed/witnessed. 1hr later, she texted and said she was only selling the Table for $285 but NO. STOOLS!😮😥😭 I reported to OfferUp, my attorney and the (2) Local police depts.I want to commend the OfferUp Support Staff 💯🙏🤝 The investigation has begun. My 🙏's are that it can be resolved without Civil Rights Court. Has anyone had this happen? I've been VERY pleased with OfferUp, purchased many X's, met amazing ppl.