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Can anyone top this??
I just had a potential buyer respond to my ad which was clearly stated at a firm price they asked for a lower price and I responded back that it was a firm price.They said “ OK , sorry “they didn’t read the ad....Really?????
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This post made me smile for many reasons! @Jules2255
For one it has happened to me too! Funnier though is that I have done it to someone else atleast a few times by mistake of being in too much of a hurry to scroll through the full description .. and maybe even a couple of times because I had my hopes up high! 😅😆 What is funniest though - is I know for sure is there has been atleast one person who had "FIRM PRICE" written in description who messaged back me back with a lower price when I asked them "is the price negotiable at all?"
Now don't get me wrong- I can understand completely the humor and perhaps frustration when this happens after writing a detailed description - but hey, ya never know, maybe the potential buyer who sends you a low offer isn't looking for as much of a discount as they first send and are trying what many call a "low-balling" technique and hope that you counter offer somewhere lower than the firm price you listed.

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Now that I think about it, here is a funny situation that should top yours! It didn't happen to me, but I did read somewhere here on the OFFERUP forum that some had an item listen which was clearly blue colored... on top of that the seller went the extra step and wrote blue in the description as well... but still the seller received a message asking "What color is it?" 🤣😂
I couldn't help but to think though... What if the person asking is color blind! 😂😅
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@Fredyfred5 I was reading your post and it reminded me of an encounter that while not completely on the subject, I believe you'll get a kick out of. My store was located in the downtown area of a small mountain community. We were directly across the street from the Post Office, the largest and busiest place in town. At some time each day everyone came there. We had a parking lot in front of as well as on the side of our store. On certain weekends we would invite venders to join us in large parking lot sale. Well one particularly busy weekend I was standing out front helping customers when a couple in a car pulled up and motioned me to them. They then rolled down the window and asked me if I happened to know where and could I possibly give them directions to the Post Office! At first I could say nothing not knowing for sure that somehow a second one could have been built without my knowing. So I politely pointed across the street and told them to look around that area there and I think you might find it, if not they should come back and I would draw them a map!!

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Have a laughter filled day...
See you around the OU Neighborhood!
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Definitely some "Friday Funnies" on a Thursday!
Laughter is the best day starter for sure! Thanks you three...
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Jack and Jill went in to town 

To fetch some chips and sweeties

Now Jack can't get his heart rate down

And Jill's got diabetes!


Hey everyone, something to break up the day

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Lol... thanks for that "Friday Funny"
Nice having you around the OU neighborhood Smiley Happy
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An old man and his wife are out for a walk one morning when a passing pigeon cuts loose and poops right on the old mans forehead. His wife says "dear lord I wish we had some toilet paper". The old man replied " why he's got to be a half mile from here by now!"

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Haha... that must be a contractors joke @Woodguychris!