Frugal shopper

Level 1
I'm a frugal shopper by choice. And I've always shopped at the dollar store.... and not everyone does, I know that... but why do some people post items that sell at the dollar store for way more, trying to make a profit?? I understand the hustle of making a few bucks but come on... it's a dollar store item that you're trying to sell for $25??? And some buyers that don't shop at the dollar store get screwed! That's so unreasonable and wrong! Is it just me or has anyone else been bothered by this??
Level 9
I guess that over charge of "dollar store" goods are the "information cost" buyer paid for not researching the items @Mis2311
And most of goods sold here have high price elasticity of demand, so eventually buyers will notice and stop buy from the sellers until the price achieves equalibrium between supply and demand.