Furniture repair and refinishing (McAlester Oklahoma)

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Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone needs furniture repairs or refinishing. I do any kind of repairs from simple cleaning and waxing, vaneer repairs, disassemble and regluing, to full antique restoration. Thanks Jim 

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I don't need refinishing done... But I'm wondering: I find really good furniture all the time. The only things it needs us occasional gluing and a few coats of varnish. Am I better off putting it up for sale as is -- or refinishing it? Because I'm the world's worst refinisher! Can I get a good price if a Refinisher buys it from me?
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@JoyBizzy...In short, you can make more money (sell more quickly) if the furniture is properly refurbished/refinished, as the only people that would be interested in furniture that requires "work" are DIY'ers.


It is the same for people looking for cars. If a car requires "work" to get it running, it will only be inquired by backyard mechanics who will not not pay a premium. On the other hand, you can make more money on a car that is roadworthy and ready for immediate use.

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