Getting messages a year late?!?!

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About two weeks ago I had received several messages that were dated over a year ago. They were potential buyers offering to give what my asking price was at first, then $50 more than my asking price. I ended up letting a guy have it for nearly nothing as a result. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
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Level 9

Yeah, same. Happened once, forgot to send screenshots to OfferUp

It happened once more, but that time it revived another old message chain that was marked sold.
Level 3
I am losing confidence in the messaging system. It would explain many expected replies from buyers that appear trustworthy (aged profile, 275 nearly 5 Star reviews, TrueYou, many listings of their own, etc) not arriving. Today, I received a message from the buyer they were delayed 5 minutes. I received the message a while later after I returned home.

I hope I have not reported anyone that did not deserve a bad report. Or conversely, that I am being reported for not answering.