Getting stood up for sale at 1:15 in the morning I should have known.

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Actually I'm laughing at myself because I was just online here for the first time getting tips of selling from the the more experienced. I got an offer on my cute VS Pink bikini I posted 15 minutes earlier.
from a person called Angel beware she is a prankster and I kind of thought that. I actually told her let's do it tomorrow around noon but then I said you know I'm awake I told her we'll meet at the QT about 5 minutes from my house. I brought my big dog, went down there and of course she didn't show up. I think she's a kid, she didn't try to negotiate the price,, or ask questions about the bikini. I should know better actually I thought it was not real.
But 5 minutes from home with my dog and QT is well lite and people are always comming and going, including the police. I picked a safe spot, that was my major concern. thsneaking suspicion I was a little concerned about the I parked right in front of the door at the Q T waited for about 20 minutes sent her a text I told her I was leaving which I did. I had two egg rolls so it wasn't a complete loss when I got home, I sent another text and said thank you for getting me out of the house I needed a snack so it was no sweat off my back and then I reported her so anyone in the Phoenix area that gets a message from somebody called Angel. Her profile has no sales or purchases, in fact she just signed up this month. Today probably. Live and learn.. she has no sales no never bought anything and she just started on March of this year that's another Factor live and learn .

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I've been doing this for years almost 400 sells. They have ppl that will not show up or fake accts. Pls report them so their accts are shut down. I hope you brought a pitbull
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Hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

The item that you are selling may provoke weirdos that are not even women. "Angel" may have even been a man. Never, ever meet at that time. Real buyers would never even ask that. Worst case scenerio, this person could have been watching you and when you showed up with your dog, their plan was diverted
There are so many flags here that go beyond someone just toying with you. Please be cautious in the future.
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@MaidenMaui wrote:

I had two egg rolls so it wasn't a complete loss when I got home

Ok, this had me cracking up!!

It sounds like you took all the safety measures possible, however, I'd recommend never meeting up at that time in the future Smiley Happy 

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Correct, and at that time and for that item, I'd be concerned about someone standing me up so that they know what I look like, what I drive, and following me home to see where I live. Many red flags there.