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I want to extend my gratitude to the creator's and supporting team of OfferUp. The tools you provide are easy to navigate and use. In the past I was a die hard Craigslister until it began to be a source of drama...people with itchy fingers and the flagging opportunity. If you were competing with other sellers of the similar items you can count on the need to repost several times a day. Worse than the flaggers are the commercial vendors posing as private sellers I'm sure partly to avoid the fees they owed for advertising their businesses. With OfferUp I don't have to endure the drama...well every once in a while I get a rude buyer that disagrees with my asking price but that's the point of the options you provide...Firm Prices or open to offers...hense OfferUp...I leave my posts open for negotiations.
I am relativey new here and still learning but I can say I'm now a loyal more Craigslist or Facebook Market place and no more Ebay with their ever growing fees and policy changes...One of my favorite features of OfferUp is the navigation system when I'm driving through various towns and cities my options for items become limitless...whatever I may be looking for, exspanded opportunities arise because of this feature.Thats Coolbeans... Also I have been able to reach buyers that actually buy and not so many tire kickers here....I look forward to many years with OfferUp...
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@Abby1427 Welcome to the community! I absolutely love this post Heart


I've been using OfferUp for about 4 years now, been working here for 3 and I LOVE it! We're working on some really awesome features right now Smiley Wink

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Thanx MJ_206