HELP ! BUYERS PROTECTION IS FRAUD and Customer service doesn’t respond

Level 1
So someone sold me a damaged purse. I was told I had 7 days to send it back. I did but I didn’t use the label offer up provided for me , I paid for shipping. I received a message saying my claim was denied for not using their label . Which is BS because their was nothing stating I had to use offer ups label , only that I had to send it back in 7 days. Well long story short the person has received their purse back and STILL HAS MY MONEY . So basically I gave them 350$ for nothing . It feels like offer up has help them rip me off & now no one from customer service is responding. It’s been a week! This is ridiculous
Level 3
It sounds like a frustrating situation you are dealing with. Have you called your bank/credit card to dispute the charge and provide them with the information of the transaction? When you do that, you can ask your financial institution for a number to call. Good luck and I hope that you get this resolved!