I just received this text message. This is absolutely fake right???

We noticed that the email address for your OfferUp account was marked as a scam or your account was corrupted.

If you do not prove the you are a real person your account on OfferUp will be closed instant

If you are a real person and you are ready to prove that.

Respond back at this message. With your phone number

We send to you a message with the confirmation code.

To confirm that you are a real person, you must send back the confirmation code.
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That definitely seems fishy. I know they were doing something like that to open up Craigslist accounts a while back wouldn't surprise me if they're doing it again.
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I would PM the OfferUp Twitter if you get anything that appears to be a scam — they'll be able to tell you if it is legit.

I'm unable to see what you posted, but I did get a message from the app directly about a month ago asking for me to sign in again (probably a user check to see if the account is being used) they will end any session if that were the case.
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Hi there @SoulReaper6910 - please go ahead and report the other community member that sent you this message and don't reply. This type of message is not in line with our Community Standards. 


I'm going to have our Customer Care team reach out to you via email, so be on the lookout for that communication!

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Hi @SoulReaper6910 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
Yes it’s totally fake/scammers trying to get your personal information when asking for your phone number. you did the right thing reaching out for
information from an official OfferUp team
members to answer your question. mjohnson206 Community manager, gave us the best advice, report this kind of behavior right away. thanks SoulReaper6910 for bringing this issue up., so other members will know about this issue.