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Guys idk what to do i keep emailing them and it seems that i am dealing with a bot or someone from over seas who dont really know what the hell they are doing i sold my iphone on the app so i shipped it off logged into my old phone and opened up offerup to log into an old accout so at first i was thinking i had the wrong email but i looked into my emails and all the msg i was gettintg from offerup about my phone was from the same email so it has to be that account i emailed them and they said i had 2 accounts with the same email they ask me what account i wanna to keep i emailed them the link and with in 3 **bleep**ing days they got back to me and said it was fix i log in and boom its the same old account now no one is emailing me back they keep saying my email for that one is good and its not its not the same account at all and im really **bleep** is there a number to call for this i could not put in the tracking number for the phone i sold so im sure im out of an iphone xs and 500 bucks not  

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Hate to tell u this but Offerup just screwed u over. They did it to me and hell I actually spoke with the twice for more than an hour. They truly do not give a **bleep**. My advice, sell on Facebook Marketplace and stay the hell away from these people