HOURLY notifications of a particular sold item.

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For the past two days I've got an hourly notifications of a single sold item I had asked about. Now for some reason I'm getting notifications every hour even in the early early morning if the item has been sold all my notifications are turned off all of my lights are turned off I have signed in signed out I've contacted customer service 2 days ago and heard nothing back I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the application it hasn't done that with any other item just this particular one. Please help before I take all my items off this irritating app. I have over 23 messages item sold!
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This is unusual. Is it the seller sending you the messages? If so, you can polietly ask them to stop.
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I'm having the same thing happen to me. It's pretty annoying to get messages in the middle of the night, every hour! Fix this offerup or you're going to lose business. It's very annoying. I've tried deleting the item from my saved items, blocked the person, deleted cache and user data. Still getting the messages.