Had a buyer scam me.

Let me restart this message -

1:How on earth do I get hold of admin?? There is no phone number, no direct link - nothing at all.
2:How can I unblock the scam buyer to complete this “return” & be done with it (plus get proof to admin of the buyers little scam)
Recently I had a buyer (NEM) request a return, claiming an item had arrived broken. I asked to see photos of the damage to the item, to which I was sent very poorly taken photos of an item which was clearly not what I had sent (I have never seen a Princess House parakeet Figure look anything like what I was shown)

I approved the return & was sent back the box I had shipped it in - only to find a little blue car inside. Not the “broken” Princess House bird, the hotwheels or either of the Breyer Horse I had shipped.

I have no intention to letting this scam slip past me. But a word of advice for other sellers - do not approve a return unless you can be 100% sure the buyer is not pulling a fast one.
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Try offerups support via twitter or the support link in the forums.

Don't have the site link on hand but I'm sure another user will be able to provide it.

Also, the search feature.
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@MidnightAntiqui-Hello!! You can reach out to customer care:



Twitter @OfferUpSupport

Thank you for the help, I very much appreciate it :-)
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Hmm... @Hi-there
You might want to check
@OfferUpSupport lol
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@REMEMBRANCE--There must be a glitch. When I connected it took me to the OfferUp connect on Twitter.
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It took me to a profile on the Community forums?
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@REMEMBRANCE--Probaby because you're connecting on the link inside the forums, & not a browser.
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You are correct @Hi-there! I am going back to chillin now lol.
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@REMEMBRANCE--The connection has been glitching for me lately, you never know. Lol....😀🤔🤔