Have You Tried Fixing Things From Being Able To Buy Items Or Tools Cheap On OfferUp ?

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I don’t know about you, but I have bought some items cheap on OfferUp.
That I then used to make repairs around the house that I would not of done, if I did not get the items on here at such a discounted rate.
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Tools are a hot commodity here on OfferUp, @Phil_Webber!! I've seen some truly amazing projects completed with OfferUp purchases. There is so much DIY and Upcycling you can do with items you find here! I actually plan on having a subforum on here specifically for DIY projects and such!

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Creativity Rocks!
Excellent choice @Mj_206!
Sounds like you might have a little DIYer in there... 🔨😀
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@Phil_Webber, @Mj_206
Great ideas about the DIY Topic and fixer uppers with good deals from OU. Have to have reconstructive surgery again on right arm very soon. Can not stand being without my arm to even use a drill. Very independent & love me some you tube instructions to do any & everything I can. Will take "a minute" to rehab after surgery but I WILL OVERCOME & be
back to doing what I love soon as able. L11