Have you met someone here who went OUT OF THEIR WAY to be helpful (with/out an actual purchase?)

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Nah but ever1 on offeru so far has been cool
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Its cool when u do
Phenomenal people do exist! Share the wealth of knowledge, always. Create your legacy and affect someone. ..

What a great story! I do something like that  but I take it to the crooks. I know my profession/drones and it's a hot topic right now. The thing is they almost all look the same but the prices can vary from $20, $200 to $2,000. It seems some folks have figured this out and have decided to take a used $50 item and try and sell it for 5 times that amount. When I see this I first double check my figures . Then I confront the person in a nice but forward manner. Ask them WHY they are selling the item for so much? After I have given them a chance, I post their answers. Which are usually quite rude. Along with that I post their add, their profile page and a screenshot of the item their trying to sell with 5 or 6 pricing options from vendors like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Best Buy. I never ask people in the add to buy from me instead. I just ask to please do your homework before purchases and don't give your money to crooks. I feel the scam artist are putting a black eye on Offer up  as well as the hobby. Well, that's my story. I hope im not over stepping my boundaries but i cant just sit and watch innocent people get taken advantage of.  God Bless everyone, even the Scammers.

Giving is great and its contagious!

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I had a very similar experience. There was a woman selling a new handbag for $30, I believe it was on Let-go. I looked it up and found the same one on Amazon with free shipping for $17.99. I messaged her and politely told her that I could buy it for less and I had no problem doing that, however, to support local sellers instead (thinking this may be a favor to her) that I would first offer her the $18 and that she could, of course decline. She was rude and told me go buy it elsewhere; that she's not going to change the price, and acted like I was trying to scam her.

That was fine with me if I didn't buy it from her. After all, I wouldn't even have to leave my home to get it on Amazon. I told her I'm okay with that and that I will buy it on Amazon; that it was her choice entirely and she can probably get the $30 she wants. I also sent her a link to the listing on Amazon. It was partially so she could see that it was indeed $17.99 (I wasn't lying like she implied), but mainly as a favor so she could copy the details and paste into her listing to help her sell it. She got extremely angry at me, wrote why the hell are you messaging me if you can get it for $18?, etc., etc, etc, and blocked me!

My reaction was to list an ad with the picture of the purse (screenshot from Amazon) and the details, along with "get it delivered to your door for free in your choice of colors for $17.99 and avoid overpaying and dealing with a cranky seller". To the few people who wrote, I sent them the link to Amazon. I doubt anyone bought one. No one replied or thanked me for the link or info. I did let them know in my replies why I was listing it. Do you think I was being helpful to potential buyers or spiteful to a rude, angry person?

I don't think that mean, unappreciative woman ever sold her purse on Let-go.

I realize there are a lot of scammers and low-ballers especially on marketplaces, but it shouldn't make people blind to seeing when someone is being courteous, considerate, and/or helpful.
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Thanks sweetie
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Not on here but I try to be kind any way possible. My little brother is adopted special needs. The only one who gets to bully him is his big sister and the extent of that is tell him "no wild parties, no prositutes in Mom's house" as I give him a tight squeeze upon departure. I rather give than receive. It feels so much better.
I had a sister with DS... Sadly, she passed at the age of 3, but they the gentlest of souls.
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I have done the same. Someone had something of great value but didn’t know about it. I sent him links to comparable items so he would have a better idea of price. Sometimes it’s just a matter of helping someone identify their piece so it will be found in a search. For instance “terror cards” instead of “tarot”.