Have you met someone here who went OUT OF THEIR WAY to be helpful (with/out an actual purchase?)

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@Cedar wrote:
For instance “terror cards” instead of “tarot”.

This made me laugh verrryyy loud Smiley LOL

Sometimes tarot cards can inspire terror. Jajaja
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Hahaaaaa. I was about to read tarot cards for someone. 😆👏🏻 She said she was nervous.
Ima say that i only just started this so sorry if im slow ,but i saw a part of question of good people and i must comment cause of the life timing ,i promise i will stay true to my positave soul for any person who needs that view of good no matter how bad it is just becouse it makes my bad always better cause i help i dont knowif it means any thing ,sorry if i put thiswher it didnt go but i feel bettr i recon ,have a good day
Welcome to OU! Positive souls are ever welcomed everywhere! Thanks for putting out the good vibes. May they never elude you!
Hey im glad that i see this i think i found wher atleast a person will "not can" but will word back based on a real care of others and not a carefully thought out text ,and just cause thats howyoh are thanks ,big happy place now ,i needed this perfet timing .i
God Bless! Sometimes that's all our human souls need. This is the first place where I actively participated. Good people with good advice... You came to the right place.
Ya i do know , crazy thing is i been out doing the most ,all of me nomatter how it turned ,usually bad for me ,and everyperson knowing compleatly took all then some ,it confusid all when i seemed to not mind but give more,i said well maybe they needed it more huh ,that kinda trips out thieves and liers i guess buti learned alot ,good people cant act bad and bad people cant lie or act good ,yall good people thanks for the reply i never messaged befoe cool
Never give anyone your all, leave a reserve for yourself.. . But when you do give, make sure you give your best . Good night everyone!!