Have you met someone here who went OUT OF THEIR WAY to be helpful (with/out an actual purchase?)

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Beautiful and thoughtful ppst!
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I am one of those ppl. I have noticed an IOS then came across what they needed and I would tag them. I mean... Why not?
@Passion1 Where is here? Where did you move to?
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When you say here.. where is here??
In Orlando? Where? Be more specific
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That's a blessing they will come back to you many times over because you help somebody else realize what they had and the value they had Without leaving them in the ignorant zone
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That's so exciting I love to help people In fact it became such a way of life for me that I joined a group That does this everyday I feel so blessed because we teach people how to PIF
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You are a true Angel!!!!!!! If you don't mind I'm going to share your story with my group the The Zerra Angel Fund Sponsorship this is the kind of good acts that we seek to do and share with the Masses
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Keep up the positive work , without looking back on what somebody else did to you was wrong .. God ain’t sleep !
He sits high and looks low
I know how it feels to get use and abuse
And say I’m not helping out anymore
I be lying to myself 💕 I have a heart of Gold...
You know what if I ever get rich I’m going certain locations and watch a person pay their bill , or purchasing groceries, and just say to them how much is it?
And pay it for them especially their mortgage, or rent or light bill, or getting something off law away or groceries
Or Christmas shopping I always ask God to able me to do that!!
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Of course keith , I’m just sitting here watching the news every time I look around.. so close,,, somebody got killed! , shot, burglary and it makes me 😭