Have you met someone here who went OUT OF THEIR WAY to be helpful (with/out an actual purchase?)

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You’re welcome @Walter1934 I couldn’t respond to you second private message, unless you tap on unignore in my response in my private message to you. I see my instructions worked. Lol I guess I’ll answering your questions here, yes I did see, also this being Nationwide forums yes everyone will see each other’s posts. You can only block private messages not posts in the forums. Like I said in my previous private message you can tap “Ignore” or “report” ounce you open unwanted private message. See you around the forums. Regards Hotrod

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@L11 omg I grew up in El Paso TX! I live in GA now.... I’m super southern 😂 I like your personality... wow these “more recent” members are so sweet 💙 I’m so loving this!!!!!! We’ve got a lot of very sweet people on here. I’m kinda like the bipolar member 😂 I have good and bad days. People usually put up with me though.
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I’m sorry that man scared the heck out of me I’ll undo it
I didn’t know he sent me a private message did he??
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Totally understandable @Walter1934 I don’t think he sent you a private message you would see it as a notification in your private messages. The report you sent for review was from a inappropriate post in the forum not from a private message. That inappropriate post was removed so you should be good to go! See you around the forums. Regards Hotrod

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This thread is about people going out of their way to be helpful.

In NO way is this helpful. I will address this further when I have more time. 

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Thank-you again, and again,
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Your welcome anytime @Walter1934 don’t worry Mj_206 Community Manager post was in response to another persons posts that were removed. Hey you have a great evening! Regards Hotrod

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If someone is interested in something I have on hold or just sold. I tell them about other posts for the same thing to help someone one else make a sell. I hope others do the same for me.
I actually gave a couple who is expecting along with their item which was a pair of crib shoes back $5 told them that now their baby has money for his piggy bank and shoes for his little piggies
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@Hanmeupzthrfts Bless your sweet soul💙 small acts of kindness are sometimes life changing. God bless you. (Sorry if I offend people by saying that) I had my daughter at 19yrs old... $5 was a lot to me at that time. I think we will all be rewarded for being nice in the end. That was so kind of you.