Have you met someone here who went OUT OF THEIR WAY to be helpful (with/out an actual purchase?)

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A big challenge online now days as i know from experiance. Time 2 be really cautious. I remember a time when I was looking 4 a RV 2 but online, Craigslist. I came across a good looking RV pic and good readings. The seller looked like a female with girl name. As we discussed online. I was about 2 buy, $1000 good looking , good reading RV witnessed. B4 she got my shipping info, she mentioned one vanilla card Amazon uses when doin transaction. As I was new 2 this, all was seeming good. Then got my shipping address. And she said when I get the item and not satisfied in a week, can ship it back and get my refund. She lived in a different state from me. And the Amazon emailed me. I thought all was legit as i seen the logo of Amazon and thought having good chat with seller , which was 4 about a month top. Then when I got one vanilla card , and the Amazon she said was gonna be shipping it 2 me asked me 4 the 16 digit # of the card. I felt strange, so I called one vanilla 2 ask questions. As I was new to this and this was my 1st time. One vanilla card said if I gave the 16 digit # , I wouldn't see my $ nor wud i got it back. And I wound out one vanilla is a gift card. A big lesson learned on my end. And I like 2 echo this experience of my end
I have recently in 2 seperate occasions posted items I honestly knew very little about and had priced them wayyyy lower then what I could have and still been a good deal had someone message me informing me that I wasnt being fair to myself and priced entirely too low and then proceed to look up and send me links of several websites with pricing and then gave his option of what was a fair price for both I and my buyer....
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Welcome to the OfferUp Community forums
Glad to have you participating and sharing your experiences...
Would suggest staying away from links via buyers/sellers on app.
GLTU! 👍😉
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Great job, love your story.
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I had a buyer offer me almost double what I was asking for some items if I agreed to deliver it to him... Practically down the street!
I did have the items priced low to sell as I really needed the cash. It made my day, and he was stoked too!
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@zcheeze--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! Thanks so much for your time and feedback!! That's great you had a better offer than expected, which sometimes is rare. Awesome that everything worked out & you and the buyer both walked away very happy!! Welcome!!
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Good Morning, I can tell you first hand and I don’t want a kudos( Please) I am new to this wonderful community . If I knew you could give things for free , I would have used this site. I had someone on personal level pass unexpectedly , so I called different places and donated things from a brand new Electric wheel chair to everything that a paralyzed person needs, this unless you live in the world of a handicapped person is very expensive. I believed they wanted to help make sure that all was donated And talking everything a handicapped person would be so happy because it was stuff that is one really needs to make their everyday life easier was going to all the people that other wise would never have. I am to a fault to trusting. I was so happy to know that I was going to help so many lives😘 only to find out they took the stuff to sellSmiley Sad. I wish I knew about sites Like this oneSmiley Happy The welcoming I received was so sweetSmiley Happy And thank you for that😊🤝 I now know there are people “THE PEOPLE THAT REPRESENT THIS FOURUM “ would have given me the direction I needed . The people like that gentlemen did for you ! So short of this long response I believe the community ( I believe everything happens for a reason )that know talk wit that makes you fell good about yourself just by their responses are people that would go above and beyond for anyone! I wish all a great day!
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Your heart was in the right place when donating these very useful items!
Firm believer that good things happen to positive, giving people. Take care!
Btw... KUDOS Smiley Wink
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That was very nice!!
You have a kind heart, god bless you!!
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I feel like I used to be super friendly, helpful, and would go above and beyond to make transactions work out for the best(for both parties). Over the years I sort of misplaced that positive outlook. I lost track of it while dealing with a bunch of negative attitudes, weirdos, and liars. Im not even going to go into specifics, but it almost seems like there are more trolls on here now, than actual legit buyers and sellers. Its really a crap **bleep**. There are some people here that have been great. 98% of my buying experiences have been fantastic. All of the people who purchased something from me respectful and very easy to deal with, no complaints there. The only significant problem is strange trolling and pretending to be interested, even to the point of confirming to be on the way, moments away, en route...etc. only to never show, never respond, or want to talk crazy over the internet...? Some of my postings have generated a lot of interest at times. It seems like those are the ones that pranksters and trolls are most attracted to. The hot items: cell phones, tvs, electronics, quality power tools. Several times a day I would recieve "is it still available" messages for a new iphone I was selling. I was selling it for 100$ in the box brand new. Long story short, it took nearly 6 months to find a legit buyer who actually met with me, bought the iphoneSE for 100$

Yeah, it was somewhere in those 6 months, I think. When I lost sight of being positive and helpful. But its not like im being negative or angry, or otherwise unpleasant. Not intentionally. Its just really hard to take anyone seriously until they actually show up and buy what they said they wanted to buy. A person can be straightforward, cooperative and tell you they are on their way, 10 minutes away, or gonna meet you after work...or even in a few days or next week, when they get paid. At that point, they have a 1% chance of being the buyer of my posting. I guess thats why I dont go out of my way anymore. Because 99% are either pranksters, liars, frauds, ghosts, children, creeps, weirdos, anything but standup honest buyers.