Have you met someone here who went OUT OF THEIR WAY to be helpful (with/out an actual purchase?)

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, I’m really impressed. That tugs at my heart. Random acts of kindness. I like to pay for the order behind me at drive-through restaurants especially when my grandchildren are with me. They watch for the smile and confusion to appear on the recipients face. I wish more people would perform random acts of kindness the way you did so the would feel the joy!
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You are great energy!
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Your story restores my faith too!
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@PJackie1--Hello!! I absolutely love your outlook & positive energy!!
Part of selling your product on here is being honest, credible, helpful to people in making their buying decision. Often I encourage questions because I want people to be comfortable and feel positive about their purchase. I get many offers of all types of people. Whether their offer is too low or not, they took time to look, showed interest and inquired. It's frustrating to have a buyer to commit to purchasing and then never resume the transaction. I think helping people at any point in life is always a positive step to make life better for yourself and those in our communities. I enjoy putting smiles on faces and I know it is easy to be rude but being credible and trustworthy friendly means everything especially when you have items for sell.
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Creditability & Trustworthiness are certainly excellent attributes to have. Kindness matters. Best of luck and thanks for sharing what it takes to go out of your way to be helpful. Good to hear! @ L11
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I haven't yet, but I am one who will do the same. I still hold door fir people and I will even pull over and iffer assistance if I see someone broke down at the roadside.
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It is always good to help other people because you are right everyone these days are about themselves. I'm happy that you had a great experience on offer up. Just pass it on when the time comes.
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Thanks so much for your compassion, you made me smile. Smiley Happy
Ciao´ for now...
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I meet someone who afterhe sold me something I had it stolen off my front porch and he felt bad that I dodnt get it ..

He said he might have another one he did and replaced the one that was stolen off my porch Tony I will always be grateful for your sefless act you made alot of people happy especially a little boy..