Have you met someone here who went OUT OF THEIR WAY to be helpful (with/out an actual purchase?)

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Thanks so much for sharing this selfless act of kindness, @Novafan!
Thanks too, Mr.Tony!
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Hello, I don't know how long this was posted but in my experience there was a time where I had to pull my daughter from school due to some other issues. I contacted the K12.org and they took care of everything from sending us the computer that she was going to use to a microscope for science studies, if you still need this help look them up under California Homeschooling. Hope it helps.
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I have a son with autism so I'd like to play the karma role and pay it forward. So I definitely go out of my way to assist someone.
Yes, so many I can't repeat them all. 99.5% of OfferUp folks are very real ppl, down to earth. I appreciate all my customers, & sellers I've dealt with too.
- EllerBee
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Still need a pc
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Porch pirates stink! Glad that someone did go out of their way to be helpful to you. I too have had an amazing experience on here where someone knew I was in need of a phone for better pics. & mailed me one. She is truly a beautiful soul & now we are real friends here. Good to know there are still good peeps in our ever changing world. @L11