Have you met someone here who went OUT OF THEIR WAY to be helpful (with/out an actual purchase?)

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@Walter1934--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! Such an inspiration to others!! It's a great thing that you did helping her!! It's great when we can find ways to help out other people especially when they need it most!! I love this example!!

How wonderful for your husband to help & tie the mattress down. Truly inspiring!!
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Im glad to hear that i had a guy interested in a bowling ball i was selling he had lots of questions to i helped him with all i could and copy/pasted an article that would further help him...didnt buy ball but i felt good going the extra just to help him find ehat he needed...thx for ur post...hope all is well
How very nice to hear. Neighbors make a community and good neighbors can make a family. A family of friends. Only my first night here, I've seen so many really good things. Hearing this.. Happy Holidays Everybody.. and to all your new people welcome to the neighborhood..
That's freaking awesome!!! That story reminds me why I love being in the service industry so much!
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My neighbor microwave went out!
And she call me and ask do I know of anybody that had one for sale, because I did tell her my husband brings things like that home all the time .
But at the moment we didn’t have any
I felt so sorry for her I went out and purchased a use one off offer up for 20 bulks and told her whenever she gets the money she can pay me .. if she don’t its o.k
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I’ve done that for buyers. I use multiple apps for selling, so I don’t remember which one it was, but a woman was looking for wine glasses for her daughter’s wedding. The sale went very smoothly, but she made a comment that kept bothering me. She said the glasses were ALMOST exactly what she wanted. I got home & messaged her about that, & she told me she needed glasses just like the ones she just purchased from me, but bigger. I let her know that I did have larger glasses in the number she needed. She took them home to compare, decided she did need the bigger ones, brought one of her own to compare with mine the next day, & I exchanged them for her. She couldn’t find the glasses anywhere else, & she was so grateful I had the right glasses, which were posted but she missed, & I was not about to let a wedding be ALMOST perfect if I could help it. 😸
Well its Not about anyone else, but about myself. Earlier this summer there was a young lady from The East Side of Indianapolis she had made a purchase from me. A friend of mine and myself drove there and delivered the product only to find out that her roof had started leaking over her kitchen. She was very distraught being a single mother and having just had her sole source of transportation cease working. She was to start a new job later on that week but had no vehicle to reliably get their. We kind of looked at each other (my friend and I) concluded the transaction, gave her my number told her if there were any issues with the product please contact me and I would help by either replacing or repairing the item. Later on that day you phone calls and got a couple guys together and we went over and fix the roof for her free of charge and then also I got in touch with a relative of my girl friends and talked him into going to her residence and repairing the car said as she was able to start the new job and keep it and also managed to stay dry in her kitchen while packing her lunch's. The reason I did this was just because as someone has stated, this has become a society of me, me, and me. oh and dont forget about ME. And also because I enjoy the look on people's faces when I shatter their stereotypes of people with tattoos all over their bodies.
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Oh, yes. There are several instances I have encountered. There are plenty of good and kind people out there.

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@heart2heart wrote:

Oh, yes. There are several instances I have encountered. There are plenty of good and kind people out there.

Love this post! Heart

I've met some truly amazing people through OfferUp transactions. I've been made fresh cookies and I've received additional items included at no extra cost before! 

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That's great! That happened to me once too. I went to someone's house to buy a TV and the seller's wife spoke behind me "your timing is perfect". I turned around and she handed me a napkin with fresh out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies. Wow! A great deal on a TV and just baked goodies! That was nice. Since then I've gone back twice and bought more things from him. I didn't get any more cookies, but the third time there, after helping him sort through a large box of vintage Christmas ornaments and organize them in related bundles to help him list them, while I picked out the ones I wanted, I was given some avocados from their tree.
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