Hello! Newby here. Are there any helpful tips that anyone could give me to help sell items?

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Hi @Jonzey-77 welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,take pictures , write description, price it and post the item,,,,,,,,respond to messages,,,,,,,,,,buy ,,,,sell,,,simple

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Be honest, communicative and cordial. Take good pics with contrasting background. Expect Flakes and low ballers cuz it comes with the territory.
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-Ciao' @Jonzey-77-
Glad you found the OfferUp Community Forums ☺
You have come to the right place for: Tips, Suggestions, Feedback, etc... or any other Qq's/Info you may have/need.
Feel free to indulge in the numerous contributions from fellow OfferUp users, such as yourself, and engage in forum discussions anytime 👍
Much Success!