Hello pet neighbors

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Hello pet parents!

Looking forward to connecting with you!
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@PennySaver1 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

PennySaver1 glad you’re here hi from AZ 👍
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-Ciao' @PennySaver1-
---Welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums---
May I ask what type of pet(s) (children) you are a parent to?
Glad to have a fresh, positive, New Member in the Community!
Hope you will stay connected with "your" Community and continue to help us grow!
Much Success to you! 👍🐈
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I currently parent a labordoodle, hence I have a lot of dog treats for sale lol. What kind of pets do you have?
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Hello to all the pet parents.
I’m the proud father to a small 90 lb. German Shepard.
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I've got Greenies Dog treats that expire today. I have 50 bags that have 10 treats each. $200 if interested.
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@PennySaver1--This is an offer up community forum where buyers & sellers interact, share thought & ideas, & provide insight for one another. This forum is not appropriate for advertising, or selling product, etc. I hope this information helps!! Feel free to actively engage within the forum. Thanks!! Have a great day!!