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I am moving out of vegas and downsizing dramatically. I have many staple household items I would like to offer to a single parent or struggling adult who is starting over. Things like a coffee maker, toaster, coffee cups, utensils, etc. I want to know the best way to reach someone who needs these items.

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@MROSS5048--Also, in your neighborhood, do you have a salvation army or Goodwill? Sometimes they have items they disperse to community members.
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Make a post directly to the audience you want to capture.
Be specific.!
If it's a single mom, hurting family, just moved here with nothing. Make that your title.
It could be as simple as Struggling Mom? Or Struggling Family? Family in Need? Desperate for Help? (Copy 1 of those if u like)
Then you will attract those people.
It's true if you just post it even for $1 you may not bless the people who are actually in need.
I've responded and gave to people who said they were struggling and needed help only to see them roll up in a nicer car than mine.
If your intentions are clear you will find or should I say they will find you! Good Luck & God Bless!
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I would start by asking family and friends if they know of anyone in need. I would bet you'll find they know someone. If not please consider donating to a Vetrans aid type organization.. go with God.
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i love tbis my life i use to be not such a good person..caused alot of sorrows i burden myself with guilf everyday for the way i use to live..i vot cancer and dying..changed my way to see things..supposed to pass in feb . im still here ..i didnt feel like asking for forgivness was enough..i accumulated alot of items to made $ and looked at items left over only turn over so much. it dawned on me still benifittging tok now all i have taken in life..i try to give show my kids the rigbt way to do things. its more bennificial to give ,not take.ill go on line. paper. call a halfway house..give back to the kids who have addicts for parents..its not the kids fault but often their stuff gets pawned . sold ..traded etc from the parent and they go without ..with broken promises..hurt hearts as kids..i understand this been one for 17 years done the same..clean 4 goin on 5years march 28th me and my 15yr old donate ..see what they need..ask what they want. or have lost.. whatever i sell i turn around and donate to some1 every day if im able ..i search for some1 every day here past feb for some reason ..i might as well try to make it right ..showing a kind jesture to a stranger can make a big difference to many..u can change many by touching just 1
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but also shouldnt judge..that nice car could have been bought b 4 their circumstance came about. also could be someone elses name or someone elses car.. . how can u tell if its not in process of being reposessed?? get to know some of the people who are comming to you. yes there are alot of scammers out there so ask..ask their story..and if you give . just give without stipulations..or terms..give and help cause u wanted to your heart and it wouldnt bother you if their car is nicer ...or a clunker...every situation for some1 is different.. just trying to give you a different offense if i offended any1

You might also contact local shelters, assistance, or churches. Most churches have a list of needy families and will see it goes to the right person. Where I live they have an assistance program called HELP. They have a thrift store that generates funds for their food bank. Donations sold go back to help. There is also a "CLOSET" that can be donated to for clothing, blankets, and such. Anyway you choose to go is a GOOD THING. There are so many people in need these days. Too many disasters across the nation with so much loss. Count your blessings and spread the love Smiley Happy

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I just started selling items and had some leftover stuff after having my baby. I posted an ad targeting anyone in need and received a lot of shady messages afterwards from people who were selling tons of baby formula and things that I was willing to give away for free. One day I decided to archive the post and Just look for a local woman’s shelter to donate it. After a couple of weeks lagging on that, I decided to repost the items again just to get rid of them when a lady messaged me saying she was in need of the items and felt blessed to find me. I decided to give her the items without judgment and just hoped it found its way to the right person with good intentions. You have a kind heart Smiley Happy I’m sure your good deed will be a rewarding experience like mine eventually turned out to be.
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Domestic violence shelters are 1 way to help in a profound way they have to run from their homes very quickly for safely
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Hi everyone! I am new to offer up and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lauren and I am a Navy Veteran and mother to 2 awesome boys one is 6 and one is 1 and I am definitely down on my luck for sure and very embarrassed to say it here let alone say it out loud! Right now we're staying with my Dad but he is moving to Florida next month and I'm still waiting on a very good job, but it starts up in cycles. So I just wanted to say hi and tell everyone a little bit about myself and please if anyone has any suggestions or words of wisdom I will welcome them with open arms. Right now I am selling a good amount of tools for my Dad that he doesn't want to bring with him down South. He is an electrician so he has a good amount. Thank you guys for welcoming me and I hope to make some great friends here!