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Yes, Thanks so much !!! Sizes are 6-7x girls and also size 8/9 girls along with size XL/ 14/16 girls plus and last size 16/17 Junior's or XL Plus for my 16 year old.
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Ok, well Thank You so much for the Welcome in me joining this forum. It's very nice to meet you as well !!!
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@MROSS5048-&You're very welcome!! Let us know how we can help you!!
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@MROSS5048--Thank you for the information. Where are you located? State?
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@MROSS5048--Also, in your neighborhood, do you have a salvation army or Goodwill? Sometimes they have items they disperse to community members.

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I am in Pleasant Hill and what I don't use I will pass forward...
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I am in Pleasant Hill and what I don't use I will pass forward.....
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-Ciao' @CLEAN-IT925-
---Welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums---
-You sound like a "Kindhearted"
individual... Thank you for "Passing It Forward" 👍😊
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I am currently in need and have reached out to churches, shelters, and food banks but everyone's suggestions fall short because not only am I disabled with no transportation, I have a disease called Hashimoto's disease, meaning I'm unable to be in sunlight. Zero tolerance to any heat. So I have desperately trying to sell something so I may get some food, which right now I am nearly at nothing and have 2 more weeks til payday. I was unable to buy food this month due to having my purse stolen last month and my phone went with it. I cannot be without a phone with my health issues so had to buy a phone over groceries. These circumstances are not common for me, and I am not seeking pity or a free handout, but sometimes no matter the effort the local resources are not viable options. Now I have phone but no food and trying to sell items without options of bumps or promotions. I've never felt so defeated....
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