Helping out someone in need

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Second time i have asked...what the hell is a saturn clutch slave??? And how do i find you with a tv remote??? Nothing you say makes any sense!!!
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The comments on the page right before yours Cupcake5 says that it's a thrift store where she lives at you can find a remote for it TV any universal remote at the Dollar Tree
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I think it's beautiful what you are doing. With such purity, and perspective. Touched me so much, my kids came and gave me a hug and told me it's going to be "ok" and they are 23, 20, and 13. Thank you for your message.
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The shelters are a good idea. BUT... there are sceneros that a person is not able to use a shelter, or "services." 1 ex: a person can be in a situation that left them homeless with an adult disabled child. Services are extremely limited and tried, and no matter what is tried, even family, still fall thru the cracks.

What you are doing is beautiful! It means so much more than you can possibly imagine and not just because you have "stuff" but bc you showed that person that there is still beauty in the world, hope, inspiration and so much more. Believe me, it is no stretch to claim you just might have saved that persons life that day. Yes, a simple act of pure kindness.
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Hi there, everyone in this particular post seems pretty nice so I thought this may be as good a place as any to ask. I lost my job a few weeks ago and I do not have the best past or record I should say. Although I am 100% turned around now it is very hard for me to get my foot in the door at any place really. Can anyone share any places they might know that does not perform background checks or may be a little more inclined to give a really good guy a second chance?? Thx guys if you took the time to read this I appreciate it.
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I tried that (posting saying id love to donate office clothes to a single parent or someone who cant afford business casual attire etc) and my post continually got removed by OfferUp until I just gave up! So frustrating!
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@Savage I love your picture 💙 I’m sorry that you weren’t able to give away free stuff. Offerup is usually better than that.
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Me and my girlfriend who is being discharged from the hospital today have no place to go ... I have no idea what to do....she needs to rest and finish healing ... Does anyone have any ideas... I can work ...
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Help. I'm stuck in Rialto. I need a ride to Apple valley. Can anyone give me a ride?