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Hope you can find the ride you need, @Tammilynn! Welcome to the community. 

Walmart. Other warehouse locations also. There is a huge list of jobs, good government/state jobs for people with a troubled past, ex cons, and people that just have no job skills or diploma.
Walmart is on that list. Apply online. Answer your phone or email daily and you'll probably have a job in two days.
They will do the background check. They are fair. Very fair. They don't drug test. The pay to start there isn't to bad either. If they hire you, they will help you get up if you help yourself.
I do live in California myself and things here are a lot more lenient because everyones got a past here unless born from 1990 up. If you are in Phoenix, I believe it's similar to Las Vegas. They make a criminal out of you by bombarding you with tickets. Beat you dead financially and then just want you out. You might need to consider a move. No rights there.
Im a union drywaller/carpenter and normally I'd be pushing that on you but not anymore. They're garbage now and have been since cutting ties with the mob. I been outta work awhile too. No diploma and years of union loyalty have me screwed.
Anyway, here in L.A the list of second chance employers is available at the City Councilmens office and online. Try typing second chance employers in search bar.
Relocate. Best advice I can give. You want to fresh start? Get to a new environment. Good luck.
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Thank you. I made it home to Apple Valley safely.
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Help Me ! i’m starting over quite literally. i had lost everything and now have what’s left in my storage unit which i’m desperately trying to sell in order to come up with enough money to pay for my car payments that i am now coming up on the 3rd payment that has yet to be paid in a row. they have told me that my car can be repossessed if i don’t have it paid by the end of the month . i have no job currently as i was asked to voluntarily resign from my position when i left to go for treatment at a rehab facility for my heroin addiction. i completed a 60 day program with Akua , in Costa Mesa Ca and i am now an alumni graduate of their program which i am very proud of . still clean, living in my car , and driving for lyft as my current job, but i have a bright future ahead for sure . as soon as i can catch up on my car payments i’ll be saving to get an apartment and of course won’t have anything to put in it . i have a storage unit space right now, so would appreciate anything you would be willing to gift or donate to me so i can get back on the right track . i really don’t want to lose my car either so if you can help with payments i know that’s just crazy but yeah figured i’d ask couldn’t hurt . or anything you don’t feel like selling yourself that is worth something i’ll do the work. thanks for hearing me out . let me know if you have any questions

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@kiwilover--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! It's great that you're able to pick up the pieces, & turn your life around!! That's amazing!! I would encourage you to place any items you're looking to sell on the OfferUp app, add a lot of clear images, detailed description, & if your price is negotiable or firm. I hope everything works out for you!!
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You are such a blessing.
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Has gray feathers and red tail. Please contact ASAP if u see him.Lost African Gray Parrot on N Racetrack Rd and Firth. His name is Larry

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@birdman12 I'm so sorry to hear about this! I hope you can find Larry soon Heart

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I am in need of of a stove and furniture! I have 3 grandkids and I have helped as much as I can I have done with out a vehicle for 7 years to help my family! what can I do I have had 7 back and one neck surgery since 2012 disability doesn't go far! I have posted items for sale to help with the things my family needs! Anyone have any salutations? Have a blessed day!
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Small brown dog wearing little white t shirt his pic is my profile pic ...musing since 1/28/2018 just this week...on blanco rd and Woodlawn and mistletoe ave..