Helping out someone in need

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Young couple homeless living in the car needing work an donations anything we are in need of anything please
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I'm trying out offer up as a way of advertising for yard service , haven't had not even 1 respond . Thinking this wasn't a good idea .
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@Jonesdelton7   Service ads are prohitbited on OfferUp .  You might want to read  the guidelliness of what is allowed here.

I'm getting ready to move and am trying to sell as many things as possible. I could use one of you to post things on sites like this to sell. In about a week I will need someone to help me start packing if the posting goes well. If you want to contact me about discussing this please do. I cannot pay a lot but it's something.
I too was a taker not a giver janelle, I'm now 63 with a failing heart, and look back on accomplishments that in my eyes are thin. I now try each day to erase a - and put up a + on my life board. my only regret is I didn't do this my entire life. it feels so much better than taking.
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Perhaps a womans shelter will put you in touch with someone who just moved into their own place.....many times they will also give you suggestions as to where to donate these items.....


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go give it to the tunnel people on trop and jones

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I have something to say. I’m nobody but my story is related. I help a lot people in need. When i know somebody needs a bed, or a table or chairs, whatever they need I look for the item like it was for me. And YES , I try to get the best price. I told sometimes is not for me is for people in need. Why I do this ? because there is people in need that doesn’t have a car to pick up. And sometimes if they do they ask for a favor lending a car! From somebody else. Recently I found a bed, table, refrigerator and furniture for a lady who lost all she had in her apartment in Ventura fires. We rent a truck to pick up, one lady who we bought a bed from said she wants to change her mind, and rise the price when we were at her house. She told us we were re-saling , I was so mad because that was not true. We my friends and I were donating our time our money to help this poor lady. So I just want to say wathever religión you practice always believe that God is helping you when you help others. at the same time if you help without judging you are helping yourself.
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Warmest welcome to the forums @Fontaine!

To the world you may be one person

but to one person you may be the world--

You are somebody!


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