Here's to a Great Week

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-@Mj_206 & @Hi-there-
Agree... so costly to start school!
---Just returned from starting our youngest in UA!
Both elated for her next journey... and already missing my Love 😢
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---Teachers are Spectac! 💜
Surely... @Hi-there, your generosity in their classrooms is greatly appreciated!
Thanks for being a part of building a better future for many young minds! 👍😊
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@KSARASARA--Its important as community members to give back, especially to the children & their teachers to help increase their learning experiences!!
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-Absolutely @Hi-there!
Can definately vouch for being part of Educational Involvement!
All the way... 👍😊
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@KSARASARA. I should be back in full swing tomorrow. Thanks for spreading the positivity. It is appreciated. 😃
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@KSARASARA--I bet!! They all grow up so fast!!😍🤩😄
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The local high school teachers brake room was in need of a little help., needed a bit of sprucing up., so over the summer one of the teachers asked if I could help find some things on OfferUp., so after seeing the brake room I had a list of things they needed., there old coffee maker was broken, they also needed a microwave oven, shelves for the wall.,
also a few little items as well., the funny thing is I or ready had a keuric coffee maker and microwave oven sitting at my house., I was going to sell on OfferUp., sorry for the long post, as you can figure out by now yep ended up donating the Keuric coffee maker, boxes of coffee, microwave oven, also new table to put them on., two days later I received a gift card from all the teachers for a really nice restaurant thanking me., teachers are always giving in different ways., so please check with your local schools and ask what they need., always pass it forward. 😎🇬🇧
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--That's awesome that you were able to help out & give back!! I also did the same thing. I assist in the classrooms as needed & I also had a lot of items o thought about selling, I just donated the items to the school!! Awesome, & thanks for sharing!!
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@ALLY78 sorry to hear you’re not feeling well., hopefully your feeling better soon. 😎🇬🇧
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@ALLY78--I didn't realize you weren't feeling well until I was reading more of the posts....I hope you feel better soon!! Take care!! 😀😁😘