Hi, newbie here... Just giving it a go...

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Yeah default newish Android — Google Emoji 🥃🍺🥂🍹🍸🍷🍾🍻
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Hello @trstephens, Look at you Mr. Block Captain - you are doing something right! Congratulations.   Smiley Happy

Welcome to our OfferUp community.  Wishing you all the best with OfferUp. Be sure to check out the forums and along the way be sure to ask questions, hand out a kudo or two (thumbs up) and earn badges along the way.

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Hello @FreddyTeller,

You are so my new friend. I agree nothing says fun like drinking and power tools. Are you from Texas?

Welcome to our forums. Wishing you all the best with OfferUp.

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Thank you @Shupat i am actually in Oregon... Micro-brew capital of the world! And you probably get your Christmas tree from us as well. Thanks for a warm welcome.
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@FreddyTeller Love Oregon! It's gorgeous!! Are you near Portland? Bend? All of it is pretty lol.

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I'm in the Lebanon Albany Corvallis area. I live out of town in the country. Yes, Oregon is a very beautiful place and there is a lot to it. We have forests, the coast, the high desert, metropolitan areas... Its a very diverse state @Elin
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Hmm... Did somebody block me already??? Lol, i haven't even been controversial yet! Should I block them back...? What is the etiquette? Smiley Tongue
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Hi @FreddyTeller nope your not blocked lol
How’s it going today FreddyTeller?
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Haha, there is a post above with no message and someone called the poster block captain! I'm thinking, i did something wrong already? Lol

I'm doing great. My shop is freezing because we've had snow and cold for a bit, but I fired up my kerosene heater and I'm pushing through. In a couple hours, it's homebrew time. I have a bunch of back and other injuries from three decades of construction, but I find a little brew takes the edge off, and I can actually sleep and be productive the next day. Better than the narcs my doctor wanted me on Smiley Tongue

How are you @Hotrod ?