Holding listing for “buyers” is at times a scam beware

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I have found in time that you are not on here to be giving, this is a place to sell and move on to the next listing to do what we all are here to do and is to make money... do not offer holds and never let someone give you a pity party story about not being able to afford what they first inquired about. First sign to move on and sometimes block them. Please move on, they are taking advantage and in the long run you lose money because they never meet up and you have an abundance of no-shows which to me is a sign of disrespect. If they do not reply back within the conversation, move on, most likely they aren’t interested in the item but to waste your time. Also be careful about the potential buyers that do not have anything on there profile and or have just opened an account and there is no information regarding them and no listing as well on their end. Please move on because I have been in situations where it has been very dangerous and the first thing is your safety so make sure you are smart enough to say no to people that are too friendly and I asking too many questions that aren’t relevant to what you are selling... a lot of good people are out there but it’s the bad that spoils a lot for so many

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And keep safe
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Excellent advice. I learned that even if a person says they will pay extra oftentimes they are a no show. Agree on a time and place. If they dont reply back with an hour, or even half an hour, prior to the meetup move on.
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Yes, I have been getting so many offers yet so many never show up and or they always have a situation that caused them to not show up.. if they have time to explain a “incident” that caused them
To not show up and not even get back to you.. they should have the time to respectfully reply back “I can’t make it I’ll have to pass”, if not than you move on. These are your listings, do not allow anyone to disregard your time because time is money and if that happens where they do want to have it held till next day, a fee should be added.. it’s not greedy it’s business because within that possible 24 hour hold you can lose buyers so a fee should be given. If they do not agree that is a perfect example of who they sre and who you dont need to do business with. The right buyer will come