Horrible buyers

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I recently started selling on offer up. I just came across the most horrible buyer known to mankind. Has anyone dealt with issues after the transaction?
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Hi Joey777,
Congrats on your successful sales and hope you are finding OfferUp to be a great platform to unload your unwanted items. In regards to your question, can you provide more details? It would be helpful to fully understand your situation if we knew what you sold and the issues the buyer is giving you. Thanks!
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@Joey777--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! I hope you have the opportunity to interact with other buyers and sellers, & share your experiences!!

Sometimes, in any marketplace, you will encounter great people as well as challenging ones. I would love to hear more about your experience?
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Welcome to the OU Community
In agreement with Hi-there.
Myself, being a newbie to online marketplaces.
Have also found the good, as well as the
not so good, go hand in hand on any online marketplace platform.

Hang in there... it does get better!