Host Families Needed for Exchange Student - Summer only

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URGENT! I know of a group of European exchange students coming to Houston in a week that are in need of host families for the summer. Please let me know if anyone is willing or knows of someone that can host up to 3-4 students (either boys or girls) in their home. They are here for an intense internship program where they will be working 70 hrs per week and will barely spend time at the house. They go out early in the morning and return around 9-10pm six days out of the week. It’s a sales and leadership program where they will be going door to door serving local families in various Houston communities selling educational products. They are trying to save money but are willing to pitch in $15-20 per week per student if needed. The program is trying to set up host families instead of hotels and apartments so that students get to live in a safer environment with locals instead of on their own in a new country. They are good kids that are not here to party, but work very hard this summer and earn money for their schooling. If anyone can help in any way please let me know and I will get you in touch with their student group leader.

Thank you!
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Unfortunately, this is a nationwide forum. You would probably do better with this on Facebook in a group.