How do i stop copy cats on offerup?

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Hello! I have an individual or two in my community actually copying & pasting my descriptions, from my posts into their own. It's so dang annoying. I am a furniture restorer/artistician. I go to great lengths to be original and come up with great descriptions of my pieces I post on offerup and other sites. I find that there are 1-3 people (novice painters) literally copying & pasting my descriptions into their own posts for some crappie pieces of furniture. I guess there is probably nothing I can do. But it's so annoying.
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@Anntonett--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! Perhaps when you see the post that is copied from yours, click on the top right corner (the flag) and report the person, & in the description of your report state the person is copying your exact post(s).

Customer service can further assist you:

OfferUp Customer care
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I just notice someone just did that and try to duplicate my ad listing while beating the price
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@SDKev858--Hello, sometimes people try different ways to take a shortcut. Thry might copy & paste your post or ad so the keg work is done & they don't have to take the time to take the pictures &/or ad the content. Unfortunately this type of thing takes place. Just be sure to flag & report the incident. Thanks for sharing!!
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Apart from reporting them.

Take a snapshot of your text and ad it as an image instead, watermark it with your username.

In the description add SEE IMAGE X


Add "descriptions by me ________, you see anyone else with it, they are being disingenuous."
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What does reporting even do ? As soon as I post something to sell I get at least 4 bots who reply either “wanting to buy” or telling me to remove the item immediately and they’ll send me a check because they’re away traveling. Offerup has become mostly scammers and bots