How do you stop this scam?!

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Hi all, I don't know where this post should go.  Pardon me if I'm in the wrong place. Recently I was scammed by attempting to buy a digital game code from someone.  I should have known it was too good to be true but I fell for it.  They wanted a Cash App payment.  I paid and of course no code was sent.  I took a screen shot of the item and reposted it with SCAM ALERT in the title.  After doing so I recieved dozens of thank you's from warning people about this guy.  I kept tabs on him and he kept creating new accounts but using the same verbage in his posts.  I've been matchin his posts and I've **bleep** him off.  It's been fun playing with the guy but now he has taken pictures of my items and reported me as a scammer.  He has said I shipped him something that didn't have all the parts.  He started a conversation with me saying "Scammer, you will be caught.  You shipped me an incomplete item".  Blah blah blah.  He wanted to do that so he could report me to get back at me.  This guy has created at least 10 accounts and messaged me today.  How in the world do you stop somebody like that?

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So sorry that happened to you, hopefully nothing happened to your account. I think the problem is an account doesn’t have to be linked to a phone, so this guy can create as many accounts as he like using new emails everytime. But take it as a lesson learned, that’s why offerup doesn’t allow “intangibles” on the app, never buy anything that’s not physical. Keep reporting.
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@ih181--That's why were all encountered to keep all conversations within the OfferUp app, so if there is an issue that may arise, OfferUp can assist you. Unfortunately you went outside of the app (cash app) for payment, but you can go to the flag image at the top right side of the screen & report the person.
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This is for anyone who is buying collectible card games like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-gi-oh.


Just recently I tried to buy a collection of Magic Cards from 1 Jacob Cantu ( Back in March)
He claimed to have no knowledge about the game, other then a lot of people play it. He had a rather larger collection up for sale on here and I was so caught up in my Fandom I didn't follow my gut.

I tried to arrange paying Jacob through Offer up via PayPal.
He said his was unable to do PayPal because his Bank card was messed up.
So he asked me to pay him over Venmo because even though it would take a few days he would be able to get the payment.
So I sent the payment and received 2 packages barely containing anything.
(Said it was due to USPS shipping guidelines.)
So after I got those 2 packages which were always sent to me with a excuse.
( His favorite was his Uncle died)
I tried to contact him via Text....No Reply
I called his phone again No Reply.

I later found out he had done this to other people via Venmo and seeing the Transaction and then warning the Person.

So I just want to avoid this from happening to anyone again. And I just saw he posted another lot under a different name