How has OfferUp helped you?

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Hi OfferUp Community! 


When I first heard about OfferUp about 4 years ago, I instantly fell in love with what the company stands for. I've used it to buy and sell countless items, created so many memories, and have been able to lean into my sales during financial tough spots to get me through. I've heard so many great stories over the years about how OfferUp has helped others, and I'd like to hear from you all! How has OfferUp helped you? 


Looking forward to reading your responses!


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Like a lot of you, Offerup helped my wife and I get through some of our life's toughest times. You see we used to manage a small shopping center in mountain community. We had a store with a small apartment attached to it. I've been doing construction work for more than forty years and the store was my way to retire. My body is not holding up to well and last June I had my hip replaced. Two days later amidst the center getting some much needed renovations we were evicted. We had no place to go and had to put the store and all of our belongings into storage. We ended up at a friends warehouse selling her things on OU. We've started selling stuff from our store on the app with great success and are starting to get it back together. Who knows where we would be without friends and OU. A good reason to be sure to spread good karma not bad!

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It's got me some free patio furniture!!
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That's great!! Can't wait until it warms up a little more outside, @quikdraw520

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fir real! I just got back from picking up some pallets, got 'em off here, of course ! bonfire time at Pauly's house!!
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I sell 3D Printer Filament and I have had more sales and more repeat customers from OfferUp than eBay and letgo combined!
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Offerup is great. I've been using the app for 3 years now. I love it, now i have a hang of how offerup works. Thanks.
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Definitely more activity on Offerup. I wish I had a product as popular as yours😆😃
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Offerup is great. I am learning how to monuver the site for the badges and the community; i guess it all comes in time.
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I was skeptical of OfferUp at first. I thought eBay was the way to go and I have made a few sales there but it is too impersonal. The people I have met through my sales on OfferUp have been good people and it is an added bonus knowing they have something in common so it makes you want to make sure they are happy with what they bought.
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Try communication.