How has OfferUp helped you?

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I found out the if you give offerup you location in edit and you sit on the side of the sidewalk off the sidewalk, customers trust you, because someone has the possiblity of seeing the transaction and thry trust you.
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Welcome @C4S9 to the Community forums.
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It’s really helped me realize that even though I may not need an item anymore, someone else is actively searching for it and it’s helpful to them to get something for way less. It feels good that someone else is using something I may have tossed away.
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That's a very good way to put it! You have a way with words!
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OfferUp is helping me with my 2019 resolution of... "Complete Minimization"
Appreciate your platforms assistance in this never-ending endeavor... lol
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@Mj_206--Well stated!! OfferUp for me has been an amazing opportunity to communicate with others, and sell a lot of new & unwanted items, as well as helping to give back to others who need it. Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity!!
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So far offer up haven’t been good to me I haven’t been able to sale my merchandise
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Welcome to the Community
forum @misxsaturah
One of the reasons
the Commmunity forum
was created... Was
to assist each other!
May I inquire as to what
you are selling...
Over 400,000. OfferUp
app users are Community members! Definitely no shortage
of suggestions for your
temporary Sales dilemma.
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I’m selling a queen and king size TEMPUR PEDIC mattress and the memory foam topper to go with them. So far offer up has been good to me I was able to sell one them yesterday without any problems.
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"Happy Dance"... 😁
You will be fine Selling on OfferUp @misxsaturah !